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We provide quality legal representation in areas of family law, business, personal injury, social security disability, bankruptcy, and traffic violations. We offer affordable representation from qualified lawyers that understand due diligence and the importance of maintaining open communication with clients.

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to excellence. We strive to provide our clients with quality legal representation through due diligence, aggressive litigation, extensive research, and effective communication. We aren't happy unless our clients are happy.

Peace of Mind

Legal issues can be emotionally and mentally challenging. It is our duty to provide our clients with the support and guidance necessary to lessen the burden of these challenges. We resolve the issues and advocate cohesive interactions among parties so that our clients can maintain their peace of mind.


We have an open door policy and welcome our client's questions and comments. We believe that clients deserve to be fully informed of legal issues, policy, and the status of their case at all times. We explore all avenues to make certain that our clients receive the information and understanding that they need to feel confident and knowledgeable about their legal matters.

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 **Free consultations for personal injury and social security disability matters.

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